Your vision and how to get there.

I use a camera to take images, I'm a photographer.

I use raw processing and Photoshop softwares, I'm a painter.

For me the creative process start by the pixels capture. I follow Ansel Adams philosophy about my digital files and I make sure that I have all the tonal values that I need for when I sit down at my computer. A digital raw file is soulless until you put your artistic vision into the process. It's like 206 bones with no personality, only the structure of an image.  When I use Photoshop my first questions are always; what are those pixels need to express how I feel and what artistic direction I want to approach. Then I use the software tools and techniques to get there. First I make global adjustments, then a series of micro adjustments targeting a specific intention. I don't care how many layers or how long it take to achieve my goal. They say it took Leonardo da Vinci 12 years to complete the Mono Lisa.

Digital capture and Digital darkroom techniques are essential skill to master in this digital world of images making.

I'm in preparation of developing a full comprehensive seminar workflow on the Digital darkroom. Photoshop is a powerful and deep software that offer countless way to develop an image, it offer a vast choices of tools and adjustments options to create your vision. But it doesn't need to be complicated. I don't need to understand fuel injection carburetor to drive my car, I just need to know where I'm going. The seminar will be structure on developing 4 images from start to finish base on what my creative intentions are for each one. I want the seminar to be interactive and will often stop and ask what other artistic directions we can take. Each images are different and the developing process should reflect your intention. Recipes, filters and presets are for recreating certain looks and there's need for it. But if you learnand mix simple techniquesto get certain looks, you will be able to create your own personal creative vision.

You will learn to become a painter that makes photographs..
More info to come soon.

''There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs''
-Ansel Adams

'til next time,